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Swaddle? No Swaddle? Arms up?..Zipadee Zip is your choice!

Oliver loved to be swaddled for about 1 week, then he discovered his arms and he always wanted them up above his head. For a while we used a swaddle where his arms were held over his head, but what do you do when the little bunny starts rolling? Bring in the Zipadee Zip for the win!!

Aka his starfish suit. Ollie wants his arms out, but covered; He would like his feet free, but inside and he would like his hands in his mouth only if there is material he can suck on. This suit is labeled as a transitional swaddle, but Ollie does not seem to not want to transition anywhere anytime soon (I've tried). This suit is designed to keep baby in the snuggle like feel of a swaddle, but still free to roll and roam around safely. It comes in different fabrics and we have all of them. We have the stretchy fabric for warm nights, the fleece for cooler nights, and a cotton one for the mild nights. Another bonus! this can be worn in a car seat, Ollie hates the car so for longer trips I often put him in his Zipadee and he was fall soundly asleep. Ollie highly recommends the Zipadee Zip (he doesn't sleep any other way).

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