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Spring Cleaning.... Start in Winter?... Roll over into summer?

Spring cleaning is very therapeutic and also makes me want to rip my hair out. I start to yell questions like " Do we really need to keep this?" ," why do we have so much stuff!". My family really loves this time :)

Christmas and the holidays usually send off some sort of signal in me to get rid of things, I think it has to do with all the new toys (we did not need) and new clothes (all in wrong sizes) that makes me feel the need to purge all our belongings. Que the planning! My mind starts rolling where to start? should I donate? garage sale? oh wait I can refurbish this! (great more projects). This year this is how it went, it started in the kids room (start with the worst). One thing I have learned when going through old toys and such is make sure the kids are out of the house when you do this otherwise you will not be able to get rid of anything. Off to grandmas they went! I pulled out their old toys things they have not played with in months and into large black garbage bags they went! In terms of toys I usually like to donate these items I feel better knowing they will go into a home of children again someday. Next is their clothes going through each drawer and rotating all the sizes passing things down from Liam to Finn and deciding if there is anything from Finn I want to store for Oliver. For any items im storing I fold and put into clear plastic bins that will be stored in the garage until we are ready for them. From the kids room I move onto all the other rooms and basically do the same thing go though items, closets, drawers, and under beds getting rid of things we have not used, worn, or cared about in a year.... Don't worry I'm not a scrooge I do save sentimental items, but I use this time to make sure we store those items in plastic bins. For old birthday, mothers day, and fathers day cards and art projects I store them in filing folders to keep them safe for years to come. This year I decided to rotate furniture and get rid of old kitchen items I no longer use to make some space in the house and for new DIY projects I have coming soon. This year I choose to hold a garage sale and this in itself is a whole other project! Once I went through the house and separated the items I'm saving (in storage), donating, or putting in my garage sale, I had to then clean everything! I wiped down furniture, washed kitchen items, wiped down books, etc just so things were not dusty! I set my date for the sale and I recruited friends to help on that day (garage sale with 3 kids home...lets just say you need extra hands). The garage sale came and went, a little money was made and the remaining items were donated. Getting rid old items is a large part of spring cleaning, once the extra space is made the organizing can begin! Closets were organized, clothing folded and hung, and labels made. I turned an old dresser into craft storage, we moved book shelves around, and moved our shoes to the garage. Little movements and recycled furniture are small changes that can make a huge impact! Lets not forget all the cleaning that goes into spring cleaning. This is a great time to deep clean the couches, move furniture and clean behind big items, clean all windows, wipe and disinfect everything! This all takes time and in the middle it can feel like you are making more of a mess rather then making your house better, but once its all done and put back together it feels amazing and so accomplished... as I sit here and look around and our rooms feel a little less cluttered it helps me feel like we are ready for the rest of the year... birthdays, holidays, and well every other day!

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