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Updated: May 13, 2021

I'm so excited to share this with everyone, I have not gotten a new bed in a very long time and this is just the biggest treat! Bed is something that is so important because nothing amounts to a restful night sleep, especially when you have 3 boys starting at dawn.

For a while now we have tossed around the idea about moving from a queen size bed to a king size bed. At times our queen bed felt small, especially when I was pregnant with Oliver and my back and leg pain was unreal and I put some of the blame on our suddenly small (I was just way too big) firm bed. We did not end up changing our bed when I was pregnant, but we decided to make the investment recently and I’m so happy we did. After many days of research and reading reviews on various mattresses we decided to move forward with a king size original Tuft&Needle bed. Tuft&Needle has three types of mattresses to offer the main difference is the original has 2 layers of foam, the Mint has 3 layers, and the Hybrid has 5 layers of foam + springs. I knew I wanted something less firm than the current Serta situation and the original seemed to offer a happy balance. The ordering process was simple enough much like anything else you would order online we even added the antimicrobial protection to help ease my germ anxiety. We also ordered a metal king size frame (from Amazon, Not Tuft&Needle) and we did not get a box spring since it was not deemed necessary per Tuft&Needle and our metal frame acts like a box spriOnce our order was placed it shipped shortly after. It did arrive late, but that was due to Fedex delays not Tuft&Needle. The mattress arrived vacuumed sealed and rolled up to fit in a 4-foot-tall box that was quite heavy. We were so excited to unroll this baby and check it out and as we did there were a few notes I made: 1) This is best done with two people (maybe a twin would be ok for 1 person, but anything else I imagine would be tough) 2) CAREFULLY open your box with scissors or a box cutter you do not want to cut through the plastic inside and damage the mattress 3) place the rolled bed on your frame before you unroll and cut off the plastic. Once the mattress is unrolled and, on your frame, you’re ready to cut off the plastic and let it come to life. The mattress immediately expands and starts turning into what you saw online however, don’t worry if you sit on it right after it expands and think "oh no this is super soft and has a lot of give". It did take about 2-3 hours for it to fully expand into a bed of your dreams. After the first few nights I must say I LOVE this bed, its firm but still cozy, has a cooling feature, and it does not transfer motion from one sleeper to another...not to mention the extra space!!!

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