Incorporating Vitamins in Wholesome Recipes for Kids

** This story is based on research and my own personal experiences. Please consult with your own physician before introducing any supplements and/or making any dietary changes.**

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There are many reasons why you might give your kids added daily supplements to their diet. Maybe you have a picky eater? or maybe your child has some food allergies or sensitivities and their diet need extra supplements to make up what their foods lacks. Personally we have both of those reasons as to why we give our children added supplements.

When Finn turned one I started giving him whole cows milk and we noticed he had very severe GI issues from cows milk and after speaking with his doctor we decided to try Goats milk. Goats milk has less lactose sugars making it easier to digest for those who are sensitive to Cows milk. Both Cows milk and Goats milk offer a wide range of vitamins, Goats milk being higher in Calcium, potassium, and Vitamin A, but lacks in folic acid a key vitamin children need. I used ChildLife Essentials Liquid Multivitamin . We loved this liquid multivitamin it had all the nutrients Finn needed and Finn loved the orange flavor.

Liam is our picky eater and due to his food preferences he misses out on a lot of the needed vitamins. Now that both Finn and Liam are older we started giving them ChildLife Essentials Multivitamin Softmelts . They are so easy to give and the kids love the flavors and how they are fun softmelt "candies" .

The daily supplements are great and if your kids take them without hassle wonderful! but there are many ways you can also add extra vitamins to their daily snacks, meals, and even desserts!

My Stewed Apples (full recipe located under the recipe tab) are the perfect way to add some extra daily vitamins. Apples are already a great source of vitamin C and when cooked release natural pectin that is really good for your gut health and for an extra boost I added Childlife Essentials liquid vitamin D3 when cooking.

You can also add extra vitamins to smoothies, baked goods, mac and cheese, and so much more!

Adding vitamins to you and your family's daily routine is an easy way to stay healthy and during the heart of the pandemic coming up with creative ways to add healthier ingredients to our meals and snacks helped me feel like I was doing what I can to keep our family healthy.

So I encourage you to get creative, have fun, and add vitamins to your daily routine.

With love and lots of bunnies,


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