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How to Stay on Top of House Work... All Week

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Let me start by saying I HATE CLEANING. I hate it with a passion, I much rather be spending my time playing with the boys, testing recipes, or blogging! (Light bulb) I should blog about cleaning... maybe my cleaning relationship will flourish... probably not! But at the very least I hope this helps you all stay organized, get the work done, and still have time for all the tasks you love to do.

I've tested many ways to organize my week and I have found a flow that works best for me and for us, but let me start by acknowledging everyone's schedule is different and taking ideas from here can help you manage your week or help you realize you actually don't need any help and that's ok too! My flow involves one major area of the house per day with the largest tasks in the beginning of the week and the lighter ones towards the end. To break down my weekly calendar above further:

Monday: Deep clean kitchen that includes: using bleach to clean all surfaces and fridge, soaking stove grates, degreasing the oven vent, deep cleaning microwave, and disinfecting all knobs and cabinet handles.

Tuesday: Picking up and cleaning bedrooms and living room includes: putting away all items, organizing desks, toys, craft materials, books, filing papers, etc.

Wednesday: Mid week laundry from all rooms in the house and deep clean bathroom including washing floor covers and shower curtain.

Thursday: Finish folding clothes and put laundry away.

Friday: Dust the whole house.

Saturday NO CLEANING, this day is very important to stick to. Don't clean anything, take a break and go to the park or craft or cook or whatever else you enjoy to do, but do it because its healthy for you!

Sunday: All the Laundry before the week starts, mop floors, and clean the bathroom before the start of the week.

Phew..did you get all of that? Ok, but don't let it overwhelm you! breaking up the week really helps all the major areas get the attention it needs without saving everything for Sunday night when you just want to sit the F down (trust me I've been there, don't do it). Don't get me wrong there are many other cleaning items that have to get done daily like dishes, vacuuming (when you have a Golden Retriever and crawling babies this is done daily), wiping countertops and table tops, and cleaning up those lovely daily messes... Kinetic Sand or Play Doh anyone?

In addition to our cleaning schedule I have a calendar for basically everything our monthly one for appts and work schedules, my personal one I keep in the diaper bag to add things months ahead. One thing I don't do is use my Apple calendar for reminders, it just doesn't work for me, but if it does for you that's great! Run with it! Well there it is folks here is the not so top secret, sort of organized, and colorful insight to my all be it boring part of my week.

But hey! its Tuesday and so far the kitchen feels clean the rooms are picked up and I know tomorrow is laundry and bathroom... is it dust day yet??

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