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For the Love of Fall.

I know it's still Aug, but I'm already thinking about and preparing for Fall. I love everything about fall the warm colors, cozy meals, football, Halloween, and sweaters. If you close your eyes and think about the season changing to fall what do you picture? I picture a warm hug, the air smells crisp, and it tastes like spiced pumpkin. I think its safe to say its my favorite season and there are many crafts, recipes, and decorations I like to pull out in the Fall. Read on to see a few of my favorites...and some new ones I hope to try this fall!

Last Fall I was very pregnant with Oliver and although I was waddling around I still managed to put together some of the main Fall activities, but this year he's out and I cant wait to share everything with him. First and foremost the food! Fall brings all the best fruits and veggies to work with a few of my favorites:

  • Apples! There are so many to choose from and I use them all for apple pies, homemade applesauce, stewed apples over vanilla ice cream, and cinnamon apple oatmeal.

  • My second favorite I'm sure you can guess is Pumpkins!, but not just pumpkins, squash in general. I use them for spiced butternut squash soup, roasted acorn squash salad, and small sugar pumpkins for fresh pumpkin pie.

Aside from the Fall food classics, Fall brings the best time to bring out the Crockpots and Dutch ovens to make amazing comfort food dinners from beef stew to chicken noodle soup and so many more comfort classics.

Every Fall there are many activities I look forward to doing with the whole family. Of course Halloween brings the main events like pumpkin carving, costumes, and trick or treating, but there are a few more I like to do.

  • Carmel apples! we go all out with these and roll them in all sorts of candies. These are great to wrap them up and give out as Fall gifts to family and friends.

  • Halloween movie line up (adult and kid version): In the weeks leading up to Halloween we have to watch all the Halloween movie classics with the kids like Hocus Pocus, Hunted Mansion, Frankenweenie, Monster House, etc. But when the kids go to bed me and Rafa have our own Halloween movie count down and watch our classics like Halloween, Scream, I know what you did last summer, etc.

  • Paint Mini Pumpkins: I love this project its always a hit with the kids! Liam's birthday is in Oct and I have done this project at his parties multiple times. We get bags of the mini pumpkins and paint them in all kinds of ways and use stickers, glitter, etc. Once they are done we decorate the outside of the house with them and the kids just love seeing their projects out front everyday.

  • Cookie decorating: Ok this is one we do for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well, but its always a hit to get Fall shaped cookies and everyone has a blast decorating with cookies anyway they would like!

This year Liam and Finn are a little older and I would love to incorporate some games and physical activities for them to have fun with. I'm thinking maybe Pumpkin obstacle course, or Fall scavenger hunt, maybe even turn pumpkin carving into a pumpkin carving contest and invite the whole neighborhood (masked of course).

As for decorations, I really love to just use everything the nature has to offer us at this time. Fall is such a beautiful part of our year I want to bottle it up and use it throughout the year, but I will take advantage of everything nature offers us in these short amount of weeks:

  • Pumpkins of course! as soon as stores start selling I start buying 1 or 2 every time I'm at the store. I love all the different colors and shapes they are all so dramatic and just so wonderful for outside and inside decorations.

  • Acorns and Pinecones: I love to take the kids on hikes and walks and collect these as they fall at this time of year its so fun. If you would like you can spray paint them, but I just like to dust them off and put them in a large vase it all looks just very natural and rustic its just beautiful.

  • There are many flowers at this time of year that are just so wonderful, but I really like to use parts of trees small branches and leaf's the colors are amazing this time of year.

I really don't spend a lot of money on decorations I have main items I use all year for things like vases and jars and I fill them with beautiful earthy items for the house. Of course Halloween I bring out the webs, bats, and witches but even then I love to create things with the kids as crafts they can decorate the house with.

As I look out the window this morning the sun is out, popsicles are still for snack, iced coffee is still needed, and summer flowers are still in bloom. I cant help but look forward to the mornings in Fall where I'm wearing the most comfortable chunky sweater, Pumpkin spiced coffee is in my mug, and pot roast and apple pie is on the menu.

Stay tuned for the coming weeks as I cant wait to share in detail all these wonderful Fall activities! until then lets enjoy the end of summer!

With love and lots of bunnies,


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