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DIY Refurbished Dresser

Buying new furniture is nice and at times necessary, but the feeling you get when you take something that is old and otherwise on its last leg and refurbish it is a feeling of "job well done". It's feeling is a proud feeling of ownership over the items your family use for years to come. I was given this 50 year old dresser for free and after some repairs, paint, new knobs it came to life and now lives in my sons room! and the best part I spent no more then $50 dollars.

I'm always looking for a project! and when this old dresser was offered to me I jumped on it. I took a look at it and it needed some work and a new look. I had been looking for a dresser for my sons room for a long time, but I'm always hesitant to run out and buy new expensive furniture. I do quite enjoy second hand stores, antique stores , garage sales, and estate sales I love finding items that no longer fit in one persons life or home, but after some TLC make it work for our home! With this dresser I knew I wanted a semi neutral color so for now it can be in the boys room but maybe later it will live in another room so I went with olive green semi-gloss paint and I wanted to switch the drawer knobs, I found a 10 pack of black pumpkin shaped knobs with gold trim on amazon for $12 dollars. The drawers slid in and out pretty smooth, but I did need to add a couple of small nails to the underside of the drawers to properly hold the female piece of the track in place for time to come. Next step was applying the first coat of paint. The dresser didn't need sanding the original paint was dark and pretty glossy I just went ahead and painted right over it. I started with the drawers and used two type of brushes the flat paint brush and for the edges of the dresser and drawers I used a small angled brush. This process took about 3 days I painted the first coat let it dry over night then applied the second coat and again let it dry overnight. Once it was dry enough to handle the drawers I switched the knobs. The knobs fit nice, but there was one issue. Because the dresser was older the screws from the old knobs were not the right fit for the hole so washers were used to bridge the gap between the screw head and the wood. over time the washers had created a divot in the wood causing me to have to use the washers as well. I had only 9 washers and needed one more! I headed to the hardware store where they did not have the right claw looking washer I needed so I improvised with a 10'inch lock washer and it worked perfect!!(thank god). By the weekend I was able to move it into the bedroom and fill it with clothing (that had been siting in piles on the floor for a couple of weeks). I must say this was a fun project! I was able to be out in the sun painting that naturally brings some alone time and peace. Defiantly something to be proud of!!

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