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Hatch Baby Sound Machine

I used a sound machine for all my boys starting from birth, but Oliver is the only one we purchased the Hatch Baby Sound Machine for. Fast forward 5 months and we use this machine for all naps and throughout the whole night, I must say nothing compares to the user friendly, soothing sounds, and complete personalization this product has to offer.

I'm a huge advocate for using white noise to soothe from birth, Both Liam and Finn loved their white noise and use it in their room to this day. Oliver has been the most pickiest of them three, but one thing is for sure he loves his Hatch Baby Noise Machine! The Hatch offers 12 soothing sounds so you can test and find out what one works for your bunny, it turns out Ollie loves the sound of rain and will only use this setting to soothe. In addition to the 12 soothing sounds other features include a color adjusting night light and a time display. To top it all off this machine is completely controlled by an app on your phone, meaning if you see your little one starting to stir on the video monitor you can quickly open the app and adjust the volume without having to tip toe in the room and back out again and if your bunny is like Ollie and hates any lights while sleeping you can completely turn off the light and dim the time display so nothing disturbs your bunny's precious sleep. I don't know what we would do without this tool...Oh ya not sleep!

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