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Colds & Flus... Are Back

Wait what "normal" colds and flus are actually back? You mean to tell me all the time we spent apart, masked, and washing our hands 50 thousand times a day didn't ward off colds and flus forever? Nope, sadly to say it did not and since Liam and Finn have been back in person at summer school those runny noses are back, but now when you first see those runny noses and sneezy faces your heart stops even more and your anxiety rises and your mind goes to...OH GOD COVID.... but thankfully the school sent an email saying the common cold was going around and the virus in our house tested negative for covid, but Nevertheless for the last few weeks we have been knee deep in therapeutics and cold gadgets. What better time to share what we liked with you all!

First and foremost we use a forehead thermometer, after trying our many brands I like this one (pictured above) I found on Amazon, its a duo forehead and ear thermometer and it has been the one I found easiest to use with most reliable reading. Thankfully no one ever developed a fever, but we did have lots of phlegm and coughing. Having babies and children who cough and have lots of phlegm is hard because cough medicine is not advised to give to young children, and since their coughs tend to get worse at night when they lay down it means sleep doesn't really happen either....but what better way to discover some tricks and wonderful therapeutics that help! Does anyone smell chest rub? oh that's just me my everything still smells like it.

Pictured above is Zarbee's an all natural supplement that helps ease mucus and coat the throat to ease the need to cough by using honey or agave syrup and herbs like ivy leaf. You have to be mindful of the kind you get based on the age of your child, because babies cannot have honey you want to make sure you give them the baby form of the supplement that is made with agave syrup. In our experience it does work and it works best alongside other therapeutics like steaming in the bathroom, humidifier, sleeping propped up, and soothing vapor rubs. I bought ours from target but it can be found here on Amazon.

Pictured above mini cool mist humidifier perfect to pack in your bag on the go and strong enough to treat a whole bedroom, but light enough to leave running all night. Added to our humidifier is a couple drops of breathe easy Frida vapor drops . These drops are strong so just two in the small humidifier will do the trick. It smells like a soothing Eucalyptus and helps stuffy noses! Last but not least we use the Zarbee's baby soothing chest rub, also smells like soothing Eucalyptus and Lavender, I rub this stuff on chest and even bottom of feet and cover with cotton socks ( I don't know why this works to ease coughing, it just does). All the kids love using this rub to help sleep and It is menthol free and safe for the little ones!. Heck I have even used it! Well there you have it! All the products we use to help our little bunnies feel better....and they are at last feeling better.

Also not pictured...lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles, Disney movies, and funny Youtube animal videos.

with love and lots of bunnies


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