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I remember the last day I picked up Liam from school at the start of the pandemic thinking it will just be a couple of weeks. Fast forward over a year later and most of our kids have yet to step back into a classroom. Well that's about to change people! the kiddos are going back, full time, and in person....but wait there is a new surge in COVID cases and now my excitement has turned into being nervous...

I think it goes without saying for those of us who have had their children home all day everyday for over a year has been extremely tough and the parenting burn out is a real thing. Not to mention how hard it has been on our children to be uprooted from their daily routine and not seeing their friends at school for over a year, but as we prepare to send everyone back I think from teachers to parents to students, everyone is nervous! Less then a month ago we saw some very positive signs: COVID cases were way down, hospitalizations were down, masks were not required if you were vaccinated, but now just as we are about to send our kids back to school COVID is on the rise again and we are starting to backtrack.

We did have a little practice when Liam and Finn attended summer school for a few weeks, During the time COVID cases were very low. It was also comforting that the program followed all the CDC recommendations and all in all it went pretty smooth. Some of the precautions we saw them take:

  • Masks required for children and adults.

  • Parents were not allowed on campus

  • Cleaning throughout the day and afterschool

  • Frequent hand washing

  • Temperature checks

We also did our part home but making sure the adults in the house were vaccinated, wearing masks, and staying home if feeling ill.

So what do we do? What do we do when our desire to return to normal life is rained on by the worry that also comes along with it?

Well honestly I don't have the answer, but only facts that I know. I know here in our area schools have implemented many cleaning measures, masks, hand washing, distancing, and temperature checks, but is this enough? Should we be thinking about the possibility of going back to online learning? Apart of me thinks COVID might be with us for sometime and taking protective measures is about all we can do...aside from being vaccinated.

This all has forced me to think wait are we doing enough? Are there be ways we can support families who do not want to return to school? Personally aside from COVID there are other factors that come up though the years that have made me think maybe homeschool would be a better idea... like bulling that goes unhandled and other dangerous situations that have unfortunately become so common.

One idea I had was maybe schools create a homeschool program where pods are created and families can coordinate support, learning activities, and in person interaction within their trusted bubble.

All in all as we prepare, buying masks along with our crayons and other school supplies I can't help but be nervous and just hoping for the best.

What do you think? What have you and your schools done to help ease the transition back? Should we be doing anything different?

With love and lots of bunnies


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